Having recently learned how to use an angle grinder, and having found half-a-pair of heavy duty scissors, I wanted to try making something interesting, and what better to fit the shape of a blade than a Knife.
I started out by tracing a simple design that I got online onto the scissors. Once I knew what kind of a profile I wanted and the amount of material I was working with, I trimmed the excess metal to get the 'stock' I would work on.
The actual grinding of the blade was an interesting yet a little time intensive process. I had to be careful in shaping out the profile as too much of material removed at one spot would lead to potentially ruining a good piece of metal.
Once I got the overall shape of the blade out, I added two additional pieces of metal to the handle by welding them on. This added a nice weight to the knife and made it look a lot better.
I meticulously grinded, sanded and polished the knife to get my desired shape with my desired aesthetics.
I was really happy with the result. The knife was High-Quality and really shape. It serves as a good 'show-piece' on one of my desks.
The Transformation
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