Marlin is a 250 size quadcopter, designed specifically for racing applications. It was designed with two things in mind: Performance and Endurance. 

To make the frame light yet durable, carbon fiber composite parts were used. For optimal performance and speed, carefully selected high-efficiency brushless motors were used. This ensured that while the quad was fast, it would also be energy efficient, thus having a longer flight time than most of its competitors. 

The quadcopter was equipped with a battery monitoring system which would beep when the battery would be too low and had a long range, 200mW video transmitter integrated. This would send out a live video feed from a camera mounted in front of the quad to FPV goggles worn by the pilot (me :p). Lastly, I added LED strips all around the frame to add an extra flair to the overall aesthetic as well as help distinguish it from the crowd.

What came out as the result was a sleek-looking quadcopter capable of reaching speeds of upto 120km/hr, while transmitting real-time video to the pilot for precise controlling and maneuvering. 
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