The Disciple, so called because it is a true follower of the line, the black line. It is essentially an automated machine built to follow black lines drawn on white backgrounds. The robot was made as a way to explore micro-controller programming, specifically Arduino and its interface with sensors, infrared being the one used here. 
The array of infrared sensors send out raw analog data to the Arduino, which then computes the position of the robot with respect to the black line, sends out appropriate instructions to the motor driver, which in turn controls the direction and speed of the motors to actuate the robot in different directions and follow the black line.

This operation was achieved by using simple if/else commands for multiple cases. Although this method works, it is not the fastest. The speed and accuracy of the robot can be greatly increased by using a method called PID(Proportional Integral Derivative), which use real time control loop feedback mechanism to control process variables. This is certainly a feature which can be improved on further iterations of this project.
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