VIPER is a concept for a boat that uses back-pressure as a method of propulsion instead of the usual propeller and rotor combo. VIPER utilizes pumps found in automobiles, that spray washer fluid onto the windshield, as a way to propel the boat forward. 

The pumps are used specifically because of their availability, low cost, submersible nature, reliability and most importantly, their ability to move high amounts of water. In other words, these pump generate high amount of pressure in a fairly small package and are very easy to control using a MOSFET or relays through a micro-controller. The two pumps mounted at the back would be individually controlled, thereby allowing for differential steering by switching one pump off and the other on. This would allow for easy steering without the need for complicated thrust vectoring apparatus. Though a promising idea, this model remained non-functioning and was never actually tested thoroughly for its functionality. However, the idea was fabricated so that it could be worked upon in the future, and be a source of design inspiration for those looking to make a boat which is out of the box. 
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